Monday, September 15, 2008

PLMAR Students' Online Activity for Sept 15 to 20

Hi Guys! Congratulations! Welcome to my Blog for my students.

Please visit the websites below and I hope you enjoy reading them.

I created our own Social Network The please sign up and send me a message telling me your name course and section, So I can give you a grade for this activity also by thursday I will be opening a forum where in you have to share your reaction or what you have learned in the IT seminar as part of your final project grade. Make the social network your home.

Here are the website to visit:

Please watch this video Blogging at Y4IT

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I will be giving announcements on the plmar social networks so please check in regularly. Please comment on this blog so that I can add you on my blogroll.

Enjoy Reading!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Computer 1 - BSBA 2007 Top 5 Blogs

I would like to congratulate and thank all my students that participated in this blogging project. I have learned a lot from and about you by reading your blogs. I hope you won't stop blogging now that our class had ended.

Here are the Top five Blogs of 2007:

1. Arnie Trumata
2. Chezalou Batulan, Jason Bulaclac and Jay Cliff Mutia
3. Ronald Zarain
4. Joana Rose Yadao
5. Joanna Almazan

I hope we can still catch up on each others lives through blogging.
I will miss all of you.
Study Hard!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Student's Blogging Activity

I have the opportunity to share the joys of blogging to my students in Introduction to Information and Technology at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina. They are freshmen students and I am proud of their accomplishments in the practicing what they learned in class.

We have this blogging activity about them sharing their thoughts and expriences about college life and using technology and before the end of this semester we will award the Top 5 Best Blogs of BSBA 2007. We will judge it through the nomination of fellow students on whose blogs they enjoyed the most reading.

I invite you to read the blogs of this new budding bloggers and listen to what they have to say. Just follow the links of My Student's Blogs on the right side of this page.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

13 Years of the Philippine Internet

As our country celebrates the 13 years of the Philippine Internet, I realized that I should also be also celebrating for I have been using the Internet for a decade now. 10 years, a decade has gone by yet it seems that I have been “connected” to the Internet as long as I can remember that it seems so hard to live without it anymore.

I was introduced to the internet be my boyfriend in 1997, I have been hearing about it since 1995 but had no opportunity to gain access to it for only some companies have been using the Internet. I had no idea that as a private citizen/consumer I could have access to it through an ISP(internet service provider) and pay a subscription fee, my boyfriend had access to the Internet at his office and told my that it is a must to use the Internet specially for us in the IT field.

I remember availing of a dial-up subscription for 30 hrs a month from an ISP called Manila Online, using a Netscape Navigator and before the end of the first week I almost maxed out my 30 hrs subscription and called the ISP to upgrade my subscription to unlimited access for 2,500 php(I’m not sure about this price). From then on I was hooked, addicted, I had more than five e-mail addresses: hotmail, excite, even an e-mail from Had my own homepage in geocities filled with pictures, love poems dedicated to my boyfriend then – now my husband, colorful gif and music in midi format.

I was a certified chat addict and can stay the whole day without even eating chatting the day away at chat rooms, learned the art of making friends and even the art of arguing in the chat rooms. I was connected to the cyberworld through ICQ but now I switched to Yahoo! Messenger. I had friends all over the world, Americans, Spanish and even received a marriage proposal online from a Hawaiian guy. I actively attend eyeballs and even celebrated my 25th Birthday with my chat mates, I even had a chat mates that became my student in college a year later.

At the age of 26 I had gotten over being a chat addict and focus my energies in using the internet for my own enrichment, reading various topics that helped me a lot while taking my masters degree and becoming a good teacher.

13 things I learned in using the Internet

  1. Not all information readily available in the internet is 100% true and we have to verify the information before we disseminate it to other people.
  2. Decide what personal information about yourself and your family you want to expose or voluntarily post in the internet. You must keep in mind that there are different people reading them and some might actually pose a threat to you and your family’s safety. Don’t readily give information like where do you live, work or give out your daily routines to someone you just met in the internet, for they might stalk you.
  3. Open e-mail attachments from people you personally know or the file attached is really relevant to you, E-mail attachments specially forwarded files often contains viruses and spywares.
  4. Don’t give your e-mail passwords to your friends or family even if they are close to you. They may open you e-mails and read them or worse impersonate you and do bad things that will be blamed on you later on. It happened to me a few years ago when my cousin used my email account and use my name for chatting while I was out of the country and after a month a man called me at home and asked why I stood him up at our date and I had to explain that I was the person he has chatted with.
  5. Files and softwares often given free in the internet sometimes come with a free virus too.
  6. Communicating with loved ones became much easier with the use of the internet but it must be just a supplement, for nothing can replace a face to face conversation and physical touch.
  7. Use e-mail address names that are simple and easy to remember, to avoid forgetting them specially if you don’t regularly use them. Every e-mail address forgotten may be lost forever for you can’t ask for help if you don’t know the email address.
  8. If you have multiple accounts like e-mails, group memberships, blogs, etc., try using one uniform password for all of them to avoid confusion.
  9. Use passwords that are alphanumeric and with minimum of 8 characters to guard yourself against phising.
  10. Researching medical conditions on the internet is good if it is used for references and background information about a certain disease but should not be used for self medication.
  11. Being a chatter is OK just make sure that you have a life outside the cyber space, family and friends are also present in you real world.
  12. Being connected to the Internet cost money specially if your just accessing it on a pc rental cafes or at hoem using ISPs. Think of someways that you can earn using you access to the Internet, sort of "return of investment".
  13. The Internet is here to stay, and as citizens of these cyber universe we have to support it and think of ways on how we can contribute in improving it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How the Internet Changed my World

I started using the internet since 1997. You can say that I am what I am today basically because of the internet.

How did it changed me? Let me count the ways:

  1. I get to stay connected to my family, friends and contacts around the world. There are no timezones on the net, with just a click you get to talk to anyone anywhere they maybe.
  2. I am able available to guide my students 24/7 eventhough we only get to see each other once a week.
  3. I get to be always informed specially now we have RSS, about the latest in technology, local and foreign news and showbiz happenings.
  4. I get to monitor my favorite realty shows and even know who won survivor before it gets shown in TV. I also get to read episode guides on the shows that I missed.
  5. I get to learn new things though e-books, audiobooks(now there are podcasts) and informative websites.
  6. I get teach my three-year old son the English language, colors and sounds through educational websites and games like
  7. I get be a better teacher to my students, since I teach computer subjects I make sure that what I teach is always updated to what is happening in the IT world.
  8. I get to to have a chance to work from home and spend more time with my family.
  9. I get to teach other persons about technology and how it can enrich their lives.
  10. I get to launch my chocolate business and be an entreprenuer as I always dreamed o.f

How I'd like to see the web change the world

  1. I like the web make anybody and everybody realize their full potential(through online education and ecommerce).
  2. I would like to see our world be united as the internet expands all of us become its global citizens and work as one to better the world
  3. I would like to see the web be portable, where in you can access the internet in any device and in any location.

As an IT professional I believe that we still have not yet harnessed the full potential of the internet and I'm looking forward to more development of the web.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The youth on my mind

We are living in a world sorrounded by every electronic gadgets imaginable, cellphones, PDAs, computers, mp3 players, plasma TV and even cameras have their own memory. This blog site I dedicate to the youth of today, they are what I call the "Digitized Youth", children and teenagers that live and breathe using electronic gadgets. Even my three-year-old son knows his ways around a cellphone and even attempts to text!

This site is where I get to share my knowledge in anything and everthing digital and many more. There will be times that I will invite some of these young tech-savvy people and let them express their views on anything concerning them and the technology around them on this blog.

Looking forward to a productive and educational journey with you.