Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Computer 1 - BSBA 2007 Top 5 Blogs

I would like to congratulate and thank all my students that participated in this blogging project. I have learned a lot from and about you by reading your blogs. I hope you won't stop blogging now that our class had ended.

Here are the Top five Blogs of 2007:

1. Arnie Trumata
2. Chezalou Batulan, Jason Bulaclac and Jay Cliff Mutia
3. Ronald Zarain
4. Joana Rose Yadao
5. Joanna Almazan

I hope we can still catch up on each others lives through blogging.
I will miss all of you.
Study Hard!

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janettetoral.com said...

Wow Joan. Great to know that your students are active bloggers. Hope you can share their web address. I surely would like to check them out. Cheers!