Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How the Internet Changed my World

I started using the internet since 1997. You can say that I am what I am today basically because of the internet.

How did it changed me? Let me count the ways:

  1. I get to stay connected to my family, friends and contacts around the world. There are no timezones on the net, with just a click you get to talk to anyone anywhere they maybe.
  2. I am able available to guide my students 24/7 eventhough we only get to see each other once a week.
  3. I get to be always informed specially now we have RSS, about the latest in technology, local and foreign news and showbiz happenings.
  4. I get to monitor my favorite realty shows and even know who won survivor before it gets shown in TV. I also get to read episode guides on the shows that I missed.
  5. I get to learn new things though e-books, audiobooks(now there are podcasts) and informative websites.
  6. I get teach my three-year old son the English language, colors and sounds through educational websites and games like
  7. I get be a better teacher to my students, since I teach computer subjects I make sure that what I teach is always updated to what is happening in the IT world.
  8. I get to to have a chance to work from home and spend more time with my family.
  9. I get to teach other persons about technology and how it can enrich their lives.
  10. I get to launch my chocolate business and be an entreprenuer as I always dreamed o.f

How I'd like to see the web change the world

  1. I like the web make anybody and everybody realize their full potential(through online education and ecommerce).
  2. I would like to see our world be united as the internet expands all of us become its global citizens and work as one to better the world
  3. I would like to see the web be portable, where in you can access the internet in any device and in any location.

As an IT professional I believe that we still have not yet harnessed the full potential of the internet and I'm looking forward to more development of the web.