Thursday, August 31, 2006

The youth on my mind

We are living in a world sorrounded by every electronic gadgets imaginable, cellphones, PDAs, computers, mp3 players, plasma TV and even cameras have their own memory. This blog site I dedicate to the youth of today, they are what I call the "Digitized Youth", children and teenagers that live and breathe using electronic gadgets. Even my three-year-old son knows his ways around a cellphone and even attempts to text!

This site is where I get to share my knowledge in anything and everthing digital and many more. There will be times that I will invite some of these young tech-savvy people and let them express their views on anything concerning them and the technology around them on this blog.

Looking forward to a productive and educational journey with you.


Jeff Morales said...

I'm looking forward to a productive and educational journey with these blog! Just make sure to post regularly coz im gonna visit these often. (-_-)

onemig18gem said...

Youth of today are now looking forward this time. I agree that the youth are well exposed to what's new specially Digital Technology. Sometimes, the youth themselves are the ones who acts & portray as the "soon to be invented project" for their inventions. parang kami nun sa CoE!!! hehehe!!!

nelly dellezo said...

hie ma'am!! this one make some sense..

rochelle trinidad said...

Hi ma'am i agree to ur blog that internet or should i say technology of today really influence every person in the world. Daily routine of our life is being manipulated by gadgets, high trend software and hardware application. Everything can be done in just one click and nothing to be worry. Before we are only dreaming of these things but today dreaming is over because it is now in us.


vsduran said...

hi. seems like blogging is really on the hoop right now. so i decided to create mine. it's an online electronics resource for students and enthusiasts. i started this weeks ago but haven't added new articles lately. currently it only features lectures about the basics of electronics, but i'll add tutorials and more advanced topics soon. it's at

yuri said...

youth for today live with a digitized world!
visit my blog ma'am:

urizza sarte, bscmpE IV-1

tnx ma'm! more power!